Thanks, Obama!

Remembering President Obama.

Thanks, Obama!

Preserving Obama's legacy.

Thanks, Obama!

Making a "Thanks, Obama!" documentary with your help.

The Barack Obama Tribute Site

We are building a tribute site for our forty-fourth President.

Why? Just to be nice, that’s why.

There is too much not nice stuff going on in our country right now, so we want to be at the forefront of Nice. No, really. Just leave a little tribute to inspire others. It can be words, photos or video. No nasty stuff though. You have the entire rest of the Internet to do that.

If you want to be part of our Documentary Project, you may upload full HD video that will be considered for inclusion in our movie. Our vision is to make a full-length feature film made up of contributed video. All selected contributors will be given a credit at the end of the film as well as a share of the profit, if a profit is made.

Thanks for Healthcare.

Thanks to you I was able to afford healthcare this year! Thank you for supporting fresh college grads like myself.

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