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What Inspired This Project?

We are sick of the bickering.

A wedge is being driven between two segments of our society. People are being forced into one side or the other. On one side, “the Right,” are the conservatives, whites, Christians, upper middle-class, and rural people, older people and on the other side, “the Left,” are the people of color, immigrants, non-religious and non-Christian religious people, poor and lower middle-class people, younger people. Hey, aren’t we all in this together?

Much of this wedge is being driven by the media. But who controls what these media giants show us and tell us? The answer is, a few super-rich people (white men, in general). They may be on the Right or the Left or both, if it suits their purpose of making them richer and more powerful. They use our emotions, namely fear and hate, to put their candidates in office. Then these politicians do the bidding of the rich men rather than serving the people who voted them in.

The right-leaning Fox constantly berated Mr. Obama and now the left-leaning media constantly berates Mr. Trump.  Our little piece of “the Media” is going to be a trend-setter and not berate anyone, (with the notable exception of the previously mentioned super-rich media power-brokers).

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